What is Blume?

Blume is a new social discovery app that is solving the biggest problem in the online dating industry; the uncertainty about who’s actually behind the profile you are matching.

On Blume you connect via profiles, but match via freshly taken selfies. This makes you certain about people’s true identity, thus creating a safe and trusted environment where people can be themselves.

You will never have to worry about who you are truly chatting with, or meeting up with in real life. You match with real people, as in real life.

Upload selfie

Upload your fresh selfie that can only be taken within the app. This selfie will be used to match with people.

Blume’s Intelligent Facial Detection makes sure you take a selfie of your face. Furthermore, it learns about your face and applies it to the matching algorithm to find better matches for you.


Blume’s main screen shows you people nearby using their profile pictures imported from Facebook.
Secretly Like or Skip people.

If two people Like each other, they connect. Now it’s time to reveal your match’s selfie and make your choice!


You have 7 seconds to make your choice before the selfie disappears.
If you both ‘Like’ each other’s selfies - you match!


Get the conversation going after matching.
Swipe left to send selfies in the chat.

Over 65% of people who match initiate a conversation.

No Screenshots

If you take a screenshot on Blume you will automatically get banned for 2 hours the first time.
The following screenshots results in a 7, 30-day ban, and ultimately after four screenshots you will be banned forever.

Conversations, selfies and other user content are meant to be private and shouldn’t be shared with others.